Does Israel Model OSAS?


Would you say that OSAS is modeled in the Old Testament through God’s relationship with the nation of Israel? The covenant that God made with Abraham in Genesis 15:9-21 was a one-sided covenant with God as the only participant demonstrating the “union” side and Israel’s on again off again relationship with God over the years representing the “fellowship” portion. What do you think?


I believe many things that are external, physical, and national in the Old Testament become internal, spiritual and personal in the New Testament. You bring up a good example of this. (Note: Jack wrote three articles on this idea: here, here and here) )

God’s covenant with Abraham’s descendants was everlasting and unilateral, and was established nationally with Israel. While Israel can temporarily wander away from Him He will never abandon Israel and will draw the nation back to Him. When Israel has recognized their sin and asked for His forgiveness, He will forgive them and restore them. The Kingdom He promised Israel will come and He will live with them forever. These are national promises that cannot be revoked.

Our Lord Jesus has made a covenant with the Church that is everlasting and unilateral and is established personally with individuals. While we can temporarily wander away from Him, He will never abandon us and will draw us back to Him. When we recognize our sins and ask for His forgiveness He will forgive us and restore us. The Kingdom He promised us will come and we will dwell with him forever. These are personal promises that cannot be revoked.

Israel’s salvation is national, but many people will be lost. The Church’s salvation is personal, but many nations will be lost.