Does Satan Create Natural Disasters?


1 John 5:19 says that the whole world is under the control of the Evil One. Many use this scripture to say that hurricanes, tornadoes, etc happen because the planet itself is under the control of Satan. We know that God cursed the ground because of Adam’s sin, but does that mean Satan is in charge of creating “natural disasters”?


You won’t find any mention in the Bible of storms or bad weather of any kind before the Great Flood. After the flood God told Noah that there would be more storms, but none so great as the one they had just survived (Genesis 9:8-17). This means the Earth and its atmosphere were permanently changed by Noah’s flood, and history shows that these changes have made the world a less hospitable place.

So what caused the flood? Genesis 6:1-7 tells us that after sin entered the creation, certain fallen angels mated with human women to produce a hybrid race called the Nephilim, These hybrids were greatly admired by early humans but their presence was a violation of God’s laws. Perhaps because of their influence, mankind had become so wicked that God could see no other alternative but to destroy them all. It had only taken 1656 years for the effects of sin to completely ruin God’s perfect creation.

All this can be laid at Satan’s feet. I don’t think that means Satan specifically conjures up every disaster, but I do believe they’re the consequence of his destructive work. The fact is the creation is no longer perfect, and the flaws that have been introduced as a result of sin cause storms, earthquakes, floods, droughts and other so-called natural disasters to happen periodically.

If left alone, these flaws would eventually tear the world apart, but before that can happen, God will intervene and restore the creation to its pre-flood condition (Acts 3:21). The indication that this time of restoration is near is that the disasters we’re experiencing are becoming more frequent and are causing more devastation than they have in the past.