Does The Lord Build The Coming Temple?


I have a question. Zechariah 6: 12-13 says that The “Branch” or The “Messiah” will build the temple again. How does this work because during the tribulation the anti-Christ will sit in the temple and cause the abomination of desolation? If The Lord is already here then how does this work?


When God says He’ll do something, it usually means He’ll raise up men to do it for Him. When He intervenes in the coming Battle of Ezekiel 38 and reveals Himself to Israel again, He’ll put it into their hearts to build a Temple. Later the anti-Christ will defile it, but at the 2nd Coming the Lord will cause it to be cleansed and made fit for use again.

This same principle applies in Acts. 15:13-18. Speaking to the council at Jerusalem James outlined the future of Israel. He said first the Lord would take for Himself a people from the gentiles, referring to the Church. Then he quoted from Amos 9:11-2 to say “After this I will return to rebuild David’s fallen tabernacle. Its ruins I will rebuild and I will restore it …” By this, he meant that Israel was being set aside until the Lord finishes building the Church and takes us in the rapture. Then He will turn again to Israel to re-establish His covenant with them and cause a temple to be built to give mankind one final chance to be saved.