Doesn’t The Church As A Whole Believe This?


I read an article where you said, “The promise of protection through times like this is not to the Church as a whole but to individual believers. To those who seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, God promises to meet our needs” (Matt. 6:31-33). Who is the church as a whole? Are you saying those with faith in God’s promises will have their needs met and the church as a whole doesn’t believe this? Isn’t the Church as a whole the Body of Christ?


Yes, the Church as a whole is the Body of Christ and our heavenly reward has been guaranteed. But according to current research, most born-again believers live lives here on Earth that for the most part cannot be distinguished from their unbelieving counterparts. Far from seeking God’s Kingdom, many are drowning in debt from their pursuit of what this world has to offer. They are not longing for the Lord’s return and the only righteousness they can lay claim to is that which is imputed to them by faith. Fortunately, it’s sufficient to save them.

Christians who’ve demanded to live their own life their own way cannot expect a heavenly bail out when things go bad. They’re like the prodigal son. He never stopped being his father’s child, but as long as he insisted on living life his own way, he was estranged from his father and received no help.

But to those who refuse to conform any longer to the patterns of this world and allow themselves to be transformed by the renewing of their minds (Romans 12:2) to seek God’s will, the Lord says, “Do not worry about what you’ll eat or drink or wear. But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matt. 6:31-33).