Why Don’t You Name Them?


I read your recent article entitled, “What Does the Bible Say? Tribulation and Wrath“. In your article, and many others I have read, you mention an author, a book, or a quote that is questionable or in complete scriptural error. The name of the author or the book is always anonymous. After reading your work for an extended period of time, I have little or no doubt that you and I are on the same page in regard to what the scripture says and means. How the very word of God is handled is certainly of infinite value to us all. It would be wonderful to know who these other authors are so one can be diligent and discerning. Why don’t you name them?


I’ve always believed that the best way to spot a counterfeit is to know what the real thing looks like. My philosophy in ministry has been to devote my energy to explaining what the Bible says, because it’s the real thing, rather than identifying counterfeits. That way people will become better equipped to spot the counterfeits on their own. Also, I don’t want to give the counterfeits any free advertising or even arouse people’s curiosity about them.