Doomsday Machine?


Well, here we are, on the eve of the firing of the Haddron super-collider. Scientists believe it will teach us what really happened when the universe was formed. Some, however are afraid it may cause black holes to form in the earth around four years from now, and some still, believe it will create a gate to open into Satan’s realm. Needless to say, nothing is mentioned in the Bible along those lines, with the exception of the latter theory, perhaps. What are your thoughts on this?


The Bible doesn’t describe anything resembling black holes forming on Earth, and in any case devastation such as is feared by opponents of this super-collider are only mentioned in connection with Daniel’s 70th week which hasn’t begun yet. The closest description I can see is when the abyss is opened up in Rev. 9 releasing demonic locust like creatures. I suppose one could speculate that this machine will help create the conditions that will eventually manifest themselves in something like that, but at this point it would be just that; pure speculation.