Double Mindedness


I read a christian’s comment on something in a blog. She said “Don’t be double minded or the Bible says you won’t receive anything.” I know this bible verse and it always confuses me, mostly I find it very distressing. Does this mean that we have to maintain unfluctuating faith without any fearful thought, doubt or negative imagination? Most times these things attack very easily my mind. Am I in danger that the Lord will not help me or grant a promise if my faith is fluctuating? Do these above mentioned characteristics mean double mindedness? And does unwavering faith mean the lack of these characteristics?


You’re referring to James 1:6-8. The phrase double minded means you have to believe that God can and wants to answer your prayer. Jesus said, “Everything is possible for those who believe.” (Mark 9:23).

I’ve found that the enemy will sometimes try to plant seeds of doubt in my mind when I’m asking God for something. When that happens, I respond by saying, “It’s not for me to say what God will or won’t do, so I’m leaving this in His hands to do His will in my life.” When I say that the doubts go away, peace returns and God is free to answer as He chooses.