Eagerness And Urgency


I read world news morning and evening on Christian and conservative sites. The news is so dreadful I have a picture of me staring out the window of a runaway train. The feeling I’m left with is sadness and excitement. Here’s the problem, there are birth pangs going on all around me and I’m wondering if I have an unhealthy frame of mind as I look at my self and think … “you’re pessimistic and maybe even a bit morbid in you’re anxious awaiting for another one.” Do you get a sense that others are like me? Do you ever have this same uncomfortable feeling?


I think there are many others who feel like you and I think it’s an appropriate attitude to have. We’re supposed to be watching and waiting for the day when we’ll be freed from the bondage of this world and will begin to experience the blessings we’ve been promised. There’s nothing morbid about it. Rather it’s a joyous expectation that should spark both eagerness and urgency. Eagerness to get there and urgency to take at least one more with us.