Earth And Mars


Could Planet Mars being so close to the Earth in the next month or 2 be a sign of anything to come. Experts are saying it will be able to be seen with the naked eye. They say it will be as big as what a full moon looks like. Not as bright obviously. To call Mars the war planet,is that a stretch in Mythology?


Mars is the Roman god of war, and that’s who the planet is named for. I don’t know if its proximity to Earth is significant or not, but if it gets as big as you say it’ll at least be an interesting phenomenon.

According to computer models, in ancient times Earth and Mars had near fly-bys at multiples of 55 years. It was so regular and often so catastrophic that generals are said to have planned their battles around this. Maybe this is how Mars got named after the god of war. It’s speculated that Mars caused Joshua’s long day (Joshua 10), appearing in the morning sky 50 times the size of the moon on the day of his battle with the Amorite Kings.

The gravitational forces between the two planets finally altered both their orbits and the last catastrophic fly by occurred on March 21, 701 BC, eventually requiring all the calendars on Earth to be lengthened by about 5.25 days.