Earth: Restoration Or Judgment?


I read your article on Magnetic Pole Shift written in ’06. It is very
interesting. A couple of questions please.

Is the article referring to the restoration on earth to its original position? What about the restoration on the vapor rind around the earth? Am I getting the restoration of earth and the judgment of earth mixed up?


I believe that one purpose of the earthquakes and other “natural” disasters that take place during the 70th Week of Daniel is to put the Earth back the way it was when Adam was created. In Matt. 19:28 Jesus referred to the Millennium as the Restoration (renewal) of all things, and I believe He was talking about the whole Creation. Judging from the increased life spans Isaiah 65:20 describes, I believe this includes the restoration of the water vapor canopy that surrounded Earth in pre-flood days as well.

In Romans 8:20-21 Paul described the restoration of Earth as freeing the Creation from the bondage to decay caused by the introduction of sin into the world. The judgment of Earth pertains to the people who have rebelled against God. They both happen at the same time but are two different things.