Earthquake Resurrection


I have asked you several questions before and you have always been clear and precise with your answers and related your answers directly with the Word. And I thank you for doing so. So I have another one for you. I have been blogging for quite some time on (a well known author’s) blog and several of the other bloggers have been infatuated with another author who wrote Earthquake Resurrection.

Several people who have read this book have been convinced of this (author’s view) and left the blog and or refuse to discuss the matter any further.

What is your thought on this theory? I have a hard time with this as well as quite a few others as well.


Having recently read the book I can say that I also have problems with the author’s conclusions. Although I was really quite intrigued with the idea that each believer’s resurrection will be the equivalent of a small nuclear explosion, I guess my biggest problem is the author’s view equating Daniel’s 70th week with the Day of the Lord. The phrase Day of the Lord is used in scripture to describe several periods of time, but it most frequently refers to the Great Tribulation, in which case the earthquake of Rev. 6 would precede the Day of the Lord just as Joel prophesied.

The whole book seems to have a kind of “force fit” sense about it as if the author came to his conclusion first and then “re-interpreted” several portions of scripture to support his conclusion.