Election Or Choice? Follow Up


My question refers to your answer for Election or Choice. In your answer you state, “Mankind has now learned that time only governs physical beings. God, being Spirit (John 4:24) is therefore not limited by the constraints of time.” I can fully understand how God who created time, can be outside of time, and therefore can see the end from the beginning, but I do not believe that being ‘outside of time’ applies to anything other than God. For instance, although Angels are spirit beings too, I believe that the scriptures prove that they are not outside of time.


I didn’t mean to imply that any one other than God knows the end from the beginning. But angels are never referred to as spirit beings in the Bible. We can’t see them in our dimension unless they permit it, but in their natural state they are visible to one another in theirs. They are created beings who exist in time and can fight against each other (Rev. 12:7). This implies they have a physical presence of some sort.

Only God knows the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:9-10). Being outside of time He can see any point in time from beginning to end. But I really don’t understand what your comments have to do with my statement that God knew who would eventually choose to be saved in advance of them doing it and reserved a place for them in His Kingdom.