Elisha’s Bones


In 2 Kings 13:21 there is a dead man who is being buried near the grave of Elisha. As he is being buried, a marauding band attacks, and somehow this dead man’s body gets thrown into the grave of Elisha. As soon as the man’s body touched the bones of Elisha, he was revived and stood on his feet. Why would this kind of resurrection power remain in Elisha’s bones well after he had died?


After reading several commentaries on this verse the consensus seems to be that the resurrection power didn’t come from Elisha’s bones, but from God.

So in death as in life the miracles manifested through Elisha were not due to any unique ability of his but came from the God He served.

It’s a good lesson for those who convince themselves they’re something special because God has chosen them to do great things. When He wants to, God can use even a dead man’s bones.