End Times According To Ezekiel, Follow Up


I read with interest your commentary title “The End Times According To Ezekiel, Part 4”.

One comment in particular was this one; “I can’t imagine the enemy carrying in enough of any traditional energy source to supply Israel’s national power and heating needs for 7 years, so a more modern application is in order”.

Some thing else came to mind when I read this. Israel becomes energy independent. Energy independent means not to be in bondage with the world geo-economy, which will be controlled by the government of the anti-Christ. Israel will not be force to make a choice to take the mark of the beast to buy energy.


That’s a good point. If one of the spoils of Ezekiel’s battle is that Israel’s energy needs are met for 7 years, then Israel would have no need to purchase oil or natural gas in the world markets.

Some observers feel that part of the plunder the Moslem coalition comes after is the oil reserves that they believe will soon be discovered in Israel. If so this could contribute to their energy independence as well.

It’s a little known fact that during the time Israel held the Sinai Peninsula, there was enough oil pumped from the fields there to make Israel energy independent. It could happen again.