End Times Revival?


I believe you may have touched on this in past comments/articles, but I was wondering if you could address this head on: Does the Bible discuss a time of “Great Revival” at the end of the age? Many church leaders speak of a “great awakening” or a “wave” of revival, where the Holy Spirit is going to take the world by storm in the end times…and I’m not sure this is correct. Unfortunately.


According to the bible, as the end of the age approaches, the true church will become weaker (Rev. 3:8) while the apostate Church becomes wealthier (Rev. 3:17). There will be a great falling away from the faith (2 Thes. 2:3) as people who call themselves Christian depart from a literal belief in Scripture and gather around them teachers who will say what they want to hear. (2 Tim 4:3)

As an example there is a great schism coming in the Charismatic movement when those who’ve adopted an “anything goes” attitude when it comes to the supernatural, part company with those who insist on holding to the Biblical injunction to “test the spirits”. In my opinion the “anything goes” group is demonstrating a remarkable spiritual immaturity, similar to that which Paul criticized among the Corinthians, by refusing to put up with sound doctrine and is actually laying the ground work for this falling away in the Charismatic movement.

The same thing is happening among so-called evangelicals who in the name of church growth and social activism are no longer teaching the need for a personal relationship with Jesus as being our first priority, but are actually working to develop congregations that consist of equal numbers of believers and unbelievers. These 50-50 congregations are said to be necessary in order to draw believers away from their spiritual absolutes by creating an environment where consensus rules.

Both these examples have at their center a belief in Dominion Theology, which holds that the church will experience such a mighty revival in the End Times that it will actually take over the world.

According to Rev. 13:3-4 this “revival” will only happen when the anti-Christ takes over the post rapture church and all the other religions of the world.