End Times Sequence


I agree with you that the attack upon Israel as foretold in Ez.38-39 will come but I also think that the devastation of the army of Islam will open the door for the temple to be rebuilt. I think the temple will be built before the start of the last week of the 70 weeks as there will be virtually no opposition to its building. Its use however is another question. I think that is where the AC comes in. After that war there will be a gigantic shift in the balance of power in the middle east and the western world. Add to that, should the rapture occur soon after that war, most of the world will be thrown into chaos and the USA will be out of the picture as a power leaving a big hole for the right person to fill. I don’t think the tribulation begins immediately after the rapture as it will take time to realign powers and consolidate control. That could take most of a year or more to do, what do you think???


The scenario you describe is certainly in the realm of probability. I do think the 70th week will begin before the Temple is constructed because Daniel 9:27 implies that the treaty that kicks off the 70th week includes permission to build a Temple. But since it doesn’t clearly say so it could happen the other way around, as you indicate. In any case the two events will be closely related in time, and both will likely follow Ezekiel 38 and the Rapture.