Entertaining Demons Unaware?


This will probably seem like a weird question but in regards to the scripture about others have unknowingly entertained angels, could some have also entertained demons unaware as well? Do demons as well as angels walk around at times in human form? is it possible people might have photographed angels or demons, or other possible proof, such as strange lights (UFO’s) or ghostly encounters (EVP’s)? I believe that supposed hauntings or ghosts are demonic activities designed to lead people from God, drawing them into occultism.


We know from the Bible that demons seek embodiment. That’s why they were willing to go into the herd of pigs when Jesus commanded them to leave the man in the Gerasenes (Mark 5:11-13). And until recent times the mentally ill were considered to be demon possessed. The Catholic Church still practices exorcism, and Pentecostals cast out demons in Jesus’ name. All this tells us that demons can only appear as humans if they indwell us. Unlike angels they can’t take on human form at will. Many believe that ghosts are demons because the Bible says that the spirits of dead humans are either in heaven with the Lord (believers) or in hell awaiting the final judgment. (unbelievers) Contrary to some recent movies, they aren’t free to wander around.