Enthusiastic Evangelist


Thanks again for allowing God to use you for my learning and understanding. Since I have been coming to this site, I have been able to witness in a way that I have never been able to before. I have received so very much more understanding and I am able to bring it to them in a way that they seem to get it.

I personally have always been a boisterous person. I look at so many things logically and I don’t have a problem voicing my opinion to anyone. I feel a sense of urgency when I get around certain people and I can barely control myself when it comes to talking about the Lord. It’s like I can almost see that someone belongs to his family and I get excited about sharing with this person the good news of their birthright.

My husband always tells me, “calm down”, but I often feel that a particular person has to hear the truth and I have to tell them. My current question is can a person effectively witness if they have a personality like mine?


The world could use a lot more people with your attitude. It’s long past time for Christians to quit “tip-toeing through the tulips” and start telling it like it is. It’s better to leave a few intimidated souls behind than a lot who never knew how we feel about the Lord. Go for it!