Esther And Ezekiel


Bless you for your ministry. I’ve just read the book of Esther and I’m wondering if you see a connection with Ezekiel 38? Apart from references to “un-walled villages”? in both, Esther seems to foreshadow Ezekiel 38 in the sense that the Jews are threatened by enemies who seek to annihilate and plunder them and yet it is these enemies who are destroyed. I also found it interesting that when the Jews had destroyed their enemies in Esther that they deliberately chose not to plunder them in return.
Do see any connection between Esther and Ezekiel 38?


I see Esther more as the prototype for the total extermination orders that Israel has and is facing, not just an attack to steal their wealth. Haman engineered the first one. Hitler tried the same thing with his “Final Solution”, Ahmadinejad has threatened to wipe Israel off the map, and the Anti-Christ will attempt to do so as well.