Eternal Life


I was thinking by myself about eternity, and was wondering what your opinion would be on the topic of eternity. God is eternal, and when we die and go to our Father in Heaven, we leave this time-based universe with beginnings and endings for an eternal existence. When we will become eternal, will it be like from God’s point of view with regards to time? Could it be then that we also existed then, viewed from that point of view, when we are in Heaven, that we also existed before the earth was created because we will be in eternity?


The Bible says that life begins with conception (Psalm 139:13-16). Therefore we couldn’t have been alive before then. So for us eternal life has a beginning, but no end. This is different from God who has neither beginning nor end. I believe that once we achieve our eternal state we’ll be able to travel back in time to observe events that occurred before our birth, but we won’t meet ourselves there.