Eternal Security In The Old Testament?


Would I be wrong to believe that the Jews in the Old Testament had a kind of Eternal Security? They were able,no matter what the sin to sacrifice an animal and be forgiven. If we who believe in Jesus’ sacrifice for us were to sacrifice an animal,it would be blasphemous. So if we are able to be lose our salvation for sinning, it would appear that the old covenant is better than the new covenant! Am I seeing this correctly?


If they didn’t believe the animal they sacrificed was symbolic of the Messiah’s death and only delayed their judgment until He came to pay the full price for them, then it didn’t do them any good. Psalm 51:16-17, Micah 6:6-8, and Isaiah 29:13 are some examples that hint of this.

There are three groups in the Bible that are called God’s elect. They are Old Testament believers, the Church, and Tribulation believers. Of these, only the Church has eternal security.