European Jews Coming To Israel?


I have seen recently the request by PM Netanyahu for Jews to come to Israel. Now I know the Blood Moons coming up don’t relate to Bible Prophesy, but could the Jewish Prophesy of the this Blood Moon event be the reason Jew may be coming home to Israel in a big way.


The Biblical prophecies of the moon turning blood red appear in Joel 2:31 and Acts 2:20. They both refer to a single unique sign from heaven that heralds the coming day of the Lord, found in Rev. 6:12. Everything else you’ve heard about them is man made.

Also the blood moon can’t be a lunar eclipse because the Sun will go dark at the same time. Lunar eclipses were never called “blood moons” until recently.

It remains to be seen what the response to PM Netanyahu’s offer to European Jews will be, but whatever it is will not be a fulfillment of these falsely names eclipses.