Events At Crucifixion


I recently watched a program regarding the Crucifixion that triggered a question that I have wondered about many times but never received a satisfactory answer. My understanding is that the veil in the temple was several inches thick from decades of repairs with animal skins. So, it had to be a phenomenal event that defied explanation when it ripped in half at Christ’s death. Is there any info in Jewish historical writings as to how the temple leadership (that denied Jesus) explained this as well as the 3 hours of darkness mid-day and earthquake?



The temple veil was more of a tapestry and was quite thick. Being at the entrance to the holy of holies I doubt if it was a patched up cloth. The priests were very meticulous about maintaining everything in perfect order.

Some say it was 40 feet tall and according to Matt. 27:51 it was torn from top to bottom, which means no man could have done it.

I’m not aware of any explanations in Jewish history for how these things happened, but then I would not expect them to be truthful even if they did exist.