Everything’s Good?


How do you answer the statement that Satan would have to have fallen after the creation since “everything He had made was good”?


As a matter of fact, on day 2 when God created the atmosphere, He didn’t pronounce it good.

Later Paul referred to Satan as the Ruler of the Kingdom of the Air (Ephes. 2:2), leading some to speculate that Satan and his demonic hordes, evil spirits who had rebelled with him, inhabited the air as soon as it was created.

Having been judged earlier, they had sat there in the dark for who knows how long. When God finally said, “Let there be light,” they took up station as close to their former home as possible, waiting for their chance to steal it back.

This leads to further speculation. When the Church is Raptured, and we meet Jesus in the air, are we being taken through Satan’s Kingdom on our way to our new home? Will Satan be forced to watch, powerless, while millions of us leave to receive the reward that is ours by faith?

Is this what Paul was referring to when he said that if the rulers of this age had known what God destined for our glory, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory? (1 Cor. 2:8) Only time will tell.