Excited Or Threatened?


I have been reading a lot on the subjects of singularity and transhumanism. I believe that secular humanist scientists are bent on achieving the ancient lie of men becoming gods and are feverishly working on the last phase of man’s evolution behind the scenes by gene manipulation and integrating man with machine. But many of the movies I’ve watched on the the mark of the beast show people reluctantly receiving the mark so they can live and eat. Do you think it’s a possibility that people will be excited to receive the mark due to the possibility of becoming a god?


The idea that humans can become gods has always been appealing. One of Satan’s promises to Eve is that she could become like God (Genesis 3:5). But Rev. 13:16-17 tells us the false prophet will force everyone to take the mark, and that the penalty for not doing so will be exclusion from legitimate commerce. It seems to me that if people were excited to take the mark, they wouldn’t have to be forced and threatened to do so.