Explaining Our Disappearance


When the Rapture happens and people are left behind, how is the disappearance of so many explained? Won’t people realize that the prophecy of end times has begun, and won’t it create a breakdown on the economy?


The Rapture will be a chaotic event for the world, especially in the USA where Christians make up a big portion of society. I tend to agree with those who believe the Rapture is the event that will complete America’s fall from world dominance while doing serious damage to our economy.

Explaining the disappearance of so many will be a major challenge as well. I believe that a number of prominent church leaders will be left behind so there will be a determined effort to deny that the Rapture has taken place.

The New Age has an answer all ready. They’ve been teaching that Evangelical Christians are holding up the advance of society, like cancerous cells impede the growth of a body. To cure the infected body, those cells have to be cut out and discarded. In the same way, they say, Christians will soon be whisked off to another dimension so that the rest of the world can get on with its final evolutionary leap into Utopia.

I imagine many creative explanations will be put forth to explain our disappearance. But the truth won’t be among them, because to admit the truth will be to admit that there is a God and He’s about to judge the world for its sins.