Expressing Our Gratitude. Follow Up


Thank you so much for the wonderful teaching of God’s Word. You are doing a great job in helping so many others to understand fully what is written there. May God bless your life. In Expressing Our Gratitude you said, “When we’re walking with the Lord we have to override the Holy Spirit’s direction to prevent Him from manifesting good works in our life.” I don’t understand us having to ‘override’ the Holy Spirit’s direction. I thought we are to obey the Holy Spirit’s direction or allow Him to lead us. Can you explain?


In John 14:26 and John 16:7 The Holy Spirit is called our Counselor, not our Commander. That means He can only advise us on behavioral choices. Even though we’re admonished to follow His advice, the decision to do so is ours alone.

I was alluding to the fact that there’s a major emphasis among the faith-plus-works folks that its necessary to give evidence of our salvation in the things we do. I don’t think we have to strive to make this happen. If we just follow the Holy Spirit’s counsel the good works will come automatically. The fact is we have to ignore the Holy Spirit’s advice and counsel to prevent it.

Also, by following the Holy Spirit’s direction we can be sure our “good works” are consistent with God’s will for us because those are the only ones that count. In John 15:5 the Lord said if we remain in Him we’ll bear much fruit but apart from Him, we can do nothing.