Facing Unemployment


I have come to rely on you and your site for biblical guidance and have a financial question. It is very likely that I will lose my job in the next year. I want to do the right things to financially plan for this. I do not have enough money saved to get me through much time without a paycheck. And I have some credit card debt. I plan to continue giving as I know that He would have me continue to trust him and give joyfully. What would He have me do as a top priority after that? Put money in savings for my emergency fund? Pay down debt? Something else?


From what little I know of your situation, I can’t really offer any specific advice. Getting out of debt and saving for emergencies are both good things to do. Which comes first depends on the size of your debt, how much you could lower your monthly obligation by eliminating it, and whether you could do so before you become unemployed.

But if you have up to a year’s advance notice that you may lose your job, why not start looking for another one now? You could avoid any period of unemployment, and might even find something that’s better than your current position.