“Failed Prophecies” Follow Up


I have two questions for you. I just read your “Failed Prophecies” article. If the one about Egypt being uninhabited for 40 years is still yet to happen, does that mean the second coming is at least 40 years away? How does that square with the verses in Matthew, where many feel the second coming will be within a generation (i.e., 70 years) of Israel becoming a nation?

My other question concerns Ezekiel 38-39. If Israel will spend 7 years getting rid of all of the weapons, then doesn’t that mean that the Ezekiel war must occur on or before the rapture? If the war occurred after the rapture, then the second coming would happen before those 7 years expired.

Egypt isn’t specifically named in the Ezekiel war. I read somewhere that Israel currently has a peace
treaty with them. Maybe this 40-year “uninhabitation” of Egypt will somehow be in effect when the Ezekiel war plays out and that’s why Egypt isn’t named in the prophecy. Syria isn’t specifically named either. Maybe after Israel and Syria go to war this summer, they will have a peace treaty too.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I always look forward to reading your articles.


There’s no requirement for the prophecy about Egypt to take place before the 2nd Coming. It could happen during the Millennium, perhaps as a result of Zechariah 14:17-19.

I believe that Ezekiel’s battle has to precede the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week for several reasons, and the 7 year burning of weapons in one of them. Another is that the Lord will use this battle to re-establish His covenant with them making the 70th week possible. That means the Rapture has to happen about the same time, in my opinion.

Neither Egypt nor Syria is specifically mentioned in Ezekiel 38, probably for the reasons you mentioned. Egypt signed a peace agreement with Israel at Camp David during the Carter Administration, and Syria will be in no position to join the Moslem Coalition if the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 takes place before Ezekiel 38 as now seems likely.