False Images


I was interested in the topic of your message on the Feast of the First Fruits. But to open with an Europeanized image of The Messiah is so disrespectful, it is offensive. It is time the world gets to know The real Messiah and stop spreading false images. God warns against making false images. Wake-up Brethren.


I’m sorry you were offended. The 2000+ articles on our site are viewed millions of times each year and no one has ever expressed such a reaction as yours. As far as I know thousands of portraits of our Lord exist and all are artistic interpretations since no one alive today can tell what He really looks like.

As I read the 2nd Commandment the prohibition is against making an idol to represent anything in heaven or on earth and then bowing down before it to worship it. The creation of an artistic interpretation is not a violation in and of itself. If it was, then every photograph and painting ever produced would be a violation. It’s when you bow down to worship the thing you’ve created instead of the Creator who gave you the artistic talent that you’ve sinned.