The Fate Of Post Resurrection Jews


I know no one is accepted apart from Christ. How are the Jews that are not Messianic since His resurrection capable of any hope for salvation? I am talking about all of them, especially oven ashes, those that screamed in agony at the hands of the nazis, in earnest cries to Jehovah yet without Christ. They burn twice for their hardened hearts? I trust God and know His answer to this question is just and perfect. Nonetheless, I long for a greater understanding of how 2000 years’ worth of Jews could possible be condemned to hell due this hardening until the Gentiles have come in. Not that I cannot accept it, just that I do not know how it is possible that they burn in hell secondary to this seemingly supernatural hardening. Lately it is physically painful to me to contemplate that this is the reality of the post resurrection Jews’ fate. I hate it


I agree, it is difficult to understand. But let me try to give you God’s perspective on this. Out of all the people on Earth God chose the Jewish people to be His own and blessed them beyond measure. Especially during the reigns of David and Solomon they were the envy of all the world. He promised them a kingdom and said He would send his Son to be their king (Isaiah 9:6). The Son would pay the price for all their sins (Isaiah 53:4-6), conquer all their enemies and lead them into a time of peace and prosperity unknown even during Solomon’s time. He gave them hundreds of signs to help them recognize Him.

But when He came they ignored the signs and rejected Him, accused Him of being in league with the devil (Matt. 12:24), and demanded that the Romans execute Him. When Pilate tried to persuade them they were condemning an innocent man they said, “Let His blood be upon us and our children” (Matt. 27:25). And so it has been.

But even then He said as soon as they admit their sin He will return to them (Hosea 5:15) and their blood guilt which he has not pardoned He will pardon (Joel 3:21).

Finally, remember that the Lord pronounced this “hardening” upon the nation. During the last 2,000 years untold numbers of Jewish people have individually come to know Jesus as their Messiah and Savior.