Favorite Bible Version


Thank you for all the work you do. I started listening to your Olivet Discourse today, taking notes and hoping to teach it to a small group in my home.

I was wondering if you have a favorite version of the Bible, and if so, could you let me know what that is. There are a lot of Bibles out there with Scriptures left out, and gender bias and all that new-fangled stuff. So if you have a favorite please let me know, I respect your advice. Do you know anything about the Holman Bible?


I often refer to the King James when studying because most Bible helps and commentaries are linked to it. I also like the ESV for it’s adherance to the literal Greek.

For its ease of reading, I quote from the NIV on the website, pointing out places where I think it hasn’t conveyed the intent of the original language as well as it might have.

But when it’s important to know exactly what a passage means I study each word in the original language, applying meanings that were prevalent when the passage was written, and placing it into historical context.

Its authors claim that the Holman Standard Christian Bible strikes a balance between the strictest word-for-word translations like NASB and ESV and the so-called thought-for-thought translations like NIV and NLT. I’ve never used it so I can’t give you a personal opinion.