Fighting Bride?


Pastor Jack, Thank God for you. You have been a major blessing. God is mightily pouring His wisdom out to us – His church – through a willing vessel like you. God bless you.

I have a question. We had a guest speaker come to our church. A very anointed man of God – he shared with us a vision that God showed him about the end time battle. I wasn’t able to quiet get the picture. (Summary of the vision) Is this the Bride of Christ returning during the war of Armageddon? If yes, will the bride face death? I want to understand this clearly. Can you help?


I’m always skeptical of people offering visions about God’s plan, especially when they conflict with God’s revealed word, as this one clearly does. There is no situation I can recall in Scripture that this vision would illuminate, which is the purpose of legitimate visions. I think your inability to understand it is really the Holy Spirit preventing you from receiving it. Nowhere is the Bride shown to be engaged in end times warfare, and the idea that the Bride could be killed and abandoned on the battlefield violates scripture on a number of levels. Jesus said He would never leave us, and that He wouldn’t lose any of us. And besides, when we come back with Him we’ll be immortal, not subject to death.