First Resurrection


Revelation 20:5 refers to the “First Resurrection.” I myself am a Pre-tribber and see the many strong arguments supporting a Pre-trib rapture. However, I can not satisfactorily resolve for myself the fact that Revelation 20:5-6 calls the Post-trib resurrection the “first resurrection” and the Pre-trib rapture seems to be, apparently, not counted as a resurrection for one reason or another. I am much looking forward to your insight on this. Can you clear it up for me?


The 1st Resurrection began when the Lord came out of the grave, continues with the Rapture of the Church and ends at the beginning of the Millennium as Rev. 20:5-6 indicates. What we read there is the last of it, as indicated in verse 6. The 2nd Resurrection takes place at the end of the Millennium.

It helps to understand that the first and second resurrections are two types of resurrection, not the only two resurrection events. As long as believers are being raised up the first resurrection is in view. If it’s non-believers it’s the second resurrection.