Forgive Us Our Sins


The Bible says when we are saved that all our sins we have committed are forgiven including the ones we commit in the future. My question is this: My ex husband of almost 36 yrs committed adultery continually which I just found out about recently. He told me when he divorced me for his best friend’s wife, 20 yrs younger, that he was forgiven for everything he does & will do in the future. He knew God wanted him to work on our marriage but he said he just couldn’t do that. He has yet to tell me & our 2 adult children he is sorry for hurting us & abusing us & still feels he has done nothing wrong but that he just wanted to be happy!

Although He ripped my heart out & I wanted to die, I have forgiven my ex. Now I live for Jesus, my children, grandson & God’s will.


When believers sin, and adultery is a sin, the Holy Spirit convicts us which causes us to feel bad, like we’ve disappointed God. When we ask for forgiveness He grants it, which makes the bad feeling go away. Usually the Holy Spirit will also prompt us to seek forgiveness from those we’ve hurt, because He doesn’t like contention among His children.

If we refuse to seek forgiveness and deny that we’ve done anything wrong, the guilty feeling will eventually go away, but our fellowship with God will be interrupted and we’ll miss out on any number of blessings we might have otherwise received.

Regardless of how it may appear to you now, if you’ve truly forgiven your ex-husband and asked the Lord to forgive you for your anger, then you are in fellowship and are receiving the Lord’s mercy and blessing. If your ex-husband has not, then he is not.