Forming The Continents


In one of your articles there was a reference to the singular continent of Pangaea theory that many scientists believe. I’m not convinced we really know for sure, but let’s say there was one giant land mass and that the continents did divide during the few hundred years you mentioned up to the time of Peleg. Considering this remarkably short amount of time, the size of land mass involved and the magnitude of violent force it would have taken to divide such an enormous amount of land, it seems like many, many people would have been killed during this traumatic change. What are your thoughts on this?


On the third day of creation God gathered all the water into one place so dry ground could appear (Genesis 1:9). Although He called the water seas (plural) it was all in one place, perhaps implying the land was all in one different place. 1656 years later the Great Flood came and 100 years after that Peleg was born. Genesis 10:25 says that during his lifetime the earth was divided. (Peleg’s name is derived from the Hebrew word for divide.) Genesis 11:18-19 says he lived 239 years, so that would have been the maximum time within which to divide the land into the continents we know today.

Keep in mind Peleg was born only 100 years after the Great Flood from which a grand total of four married couples emerged, and the Bible only mentions offspring from three of them. Starting with 3 couples and assuming a normal gestation period how large would the population have been 100 years later when Peleg was born? How about 239 years after that when he died? Genesis 10 only lists 70 heads of clans, so there may have been a lot fewer people than you’re thinking. I think God could have easily accomplished this without losing even one person.