Fortune Tellers And Soothsayers


In the Bible, especially the OT, God gave warnings not to consult with witches and soothsayers. He also warns against seeing one that interprets omens or dreams or consult with sorcerers. So, knowing this, it begs the question–Can these people, aided by Satan, foretell the immediate future? For example, if Satan wanted to know what someone was going to do tomorrow, could he find that out and pass it along to a soothsayer, who could then tell someone their immediate future?

I ask in light of Acts 16: 16-19 which seems to support the idea.


The problem with consulting those who claim to know the future is that it may involve consorting with demons. This practice was forbidden in Deut. 18:9-12. The slave girl in Acts 16:16-19 obviously had some sort of supernatural power, being able to confirm the legitimacy of Paul’s preaching. Even though she was telling the truth, Paul cast the spirit out of her because it was demonic.

Today many of the psychics, palm readers and such are harmless fakes who profit from our gullibility. But some are undoubtedly inspired by demons like their counterparts from the past. The problem is that you can’t tell by looking which is which.

None of them appear to have a perfect knowledge of the future, since even the most famous and popular ones are not right all the time. Only God has a perfect track record in foretelling the future. Remember, God is Truth, but Satan is a deceiver. By the way, the prohibition against participating in such occult practices has never expired.