Fulfilling the Jubilee Year


I wonder what you might think about the Jubilee. Since the Jubilee year starts on a Day of Atonement and since the Day of Atonement is a fall feast that Jesus will fulfill, it seems logical that Jesus will fulfill the year of Jubilee, too.


In the Jubilee year three major things happened. All debts were forgiven, all slaves went free, and all land reverted to its original owner. Forgiveness of debt and freedom for slaves actually happened every Sabbath (7th) Year (Deut. 15). This portion of the Jubilee year promise was partially fulfilled at the cross. Because of the Lord’s shed blood our debt of sin was forgiven and we were freed from our bondage to sin, although we still sin. The rest will happen at the resurrection / rapture because our new bodies will not have a sin nature, making us totally free.

The return of land to its original owner was unique to the Jubilee, which came in conjunction with every 7th Sabbath year. The prophetic fulfillment will happen at the 2nd Coming, when the Lord will become King of the whole Earth (Zechariah 14:9). Until then, the whole world is under control of the Evil One (1 John 5:19).