The Full Number


I have been studying the Book of Revelation lately and I believe it says somewhere in there I can’t find now about the full number coming in. It says when the full number of Gentiles are killed in Gods name is when the end will begin. Is this true? Are we waiting on a full number of people to die in Gods name for the rapture to happen?


In Romans 11:25 Paul said the Jews have been hardened in part until the full number of Gentiles have come in. I interpret this to mean when the predetermined number of believers in the Church has been reached, the rapture will come, Israel’s eyes will be opened to God again, and Daniel’s 70th Week will begin.

In Rev. 6:11 God tells the first post Church martyrs to be patient until the number of their fellow servants to be martyred has been completed. Then He will avenge their blood.

It sounds like you’ve combined parts of these two verses into one.