The Geneva Bible


Is The Geneva Bible Accurate In Bible Teaching?


I don’t have any personal experience with the Geneva Bible but here’s what I’ve learned from my research.

The Geneva Bible pre-dated the King James version by about 50 years, and was one of the first widely available study Bibles. It’s considered to be an excellent English translation although some say its study notes are clearly oriented toward Calvinism and Puritanism. Since it was published during a time of Catholic persecution of the Protestant movement the study notes also appear to be anti-Catholic in places.

As it is with any study Bible we have to remember that while the text is inspired, the study notes are only the opinions of the translators.

The Geneva Bible’s original popularity was soon eclipsed by the King James translation, which is very similar, but recently it has become popular in the US again. This is probably because it was the translation used by many of America’s early settlers.