Gentiles In The Millennium


You have a great ministry going here helping those that are saved to become better informed and helping many that are not yet saved to perhaps make a better choice. May God bless you for all your efforts. The Jews will have the animal sacrifices during the millennium, but what will the Gentiles be doing to confirm their belief? Will a new church age begin? Got any ideas on this?


Zechariah 14:17 tells us all the people of Earth will be required to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem each year. But aside from that, the Bible is silent on the details about Gentile life in the Millennium. Since one purpose of the Church is to serve as the crowning example of the incomparable riches of God’s grace I don’t believe the Church Age will ever be repeated. But I imagine Millennial believers will get some kind of direction on how to live when the time comes. Perhaps some one will be raised up to explain Millennial life to them like Paul was raised up to explain life during the Church Age to us.