Should We Get Rid Of Our Crosses?


We have a few crosses as “ornaments” in our home, but lately I’m beginning to feel vaguely uneasy about it. Are crosses actually idols with pagan origins, even when only seen as symbols and signs of faith? What is your viewpoint regarding the display of crosses and candles as symbols of faith in churches and in homes as well as wearing crosses as jewelry?


The cross is a universal symbol of the Christian faith because it represents the method by which Jesus died for our sins. In fact the English word “crucifixion” comes from the Latin (Roman) word for cross.

A cross can only be an idol if it is worshiped. Christians don’t worship the cross, we worship the One who died on a cross for our sins. Although some groups take issue with the Church’s symbolic use of a cross, I haven’t found any thing in the Bible that would prevent us from doing so.