Giving Account Follow Up


Regarding a previous answer on Giving Account to the Lord: I think I’m going to be sweeping the streets of gold because I probably haven’t had a pure motive for anything in my life. I’m certain every good thing I’ve ever done is going to be burned like dead grass. It makes me sad, though. I wish I could have a truck load of crowns to throw at the Lord’s feet when I’m with him, but I’m afraid I’m going to stand before him speechless and then fall on my face. What can I say?


The Lord said that we should keep our good deeds secret to the point where if we could, we wouldn’t even let our left hand know what our right hand is doing. (Matt. 6:1-4)

Hardly anyone has pure motives for their behavior. We’re all going to need the Lord to inform us. That’s why I said we’d be surprised by what qualifies and what doesn’t.

Some of the deeds we feel the most satisfaction from doing will be disqualified while the ones we don’t even remember will be counted. As soon as we think that something we’ve done will surely earn us points in Heaven, we’re in danger of having it consigned to the flames.