God The Trickster?


I was reading a web site about an African pastor who was resurrected from the dead after being dead over 40 hours. He states he was told that if he had stayed dead he would have gone to hell because he would not forgive his wife for slapping his face even after she said she was sorry and wanted to reconcile.

Reading this scared me very badly. I have been trying to be absolutely sure there is no one left that I have not forgiven for any thing they might have done to me ever in my life and have prayed the Lord show me if there is still someone I have not forgiven. Is it possible that I believe that I am saved and could be sent to hell for something that I did not realize I was doing wrong? This is what is scaring me. That one day I will meet Jesus and He will say He doesn’t know me because of something I didn’t realize was wrong ! Would God do this to me?


It’s good that you’re taking this opportunity to rid yourself of all unresolved anger. But all it takes is one verse of the Bible to expose this as a hoax, although there are many I could use. The verse is Hebrews 10:14 “… because by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.”

When you accepted Jesus as your savior, all the sins of your life, past, present, and future were forgiven forever. God knew every sin you would ever commit during your lifetime and forgave them all at the moment you first believed. Your place in heaven was guaranteed forever then and there (Ephes.1-13-14). If this pastor is a believer, there’s no way an angel could have threatened him with Hell for nor forgiving his wife. He might have been talking with supernatural figures, but they couldn’t have been angels of God.

Also the Scriptures used to “verify” this account have been re-interpreted to fit the circumstances. The Church has been ready for Heaven since the cross. The reason the Lord tarries is not because the Church isn’t ready yet. It’s to give more of those who haven’t surrendered to Him the chance to do so. (2 Peter 3:9) This is a very manipulative account and Biblically incorrect. Don’t believe it.

God is not the trickster this man portrays Him to be. He doesn’t surprise you after it’s too late with a sin you didn’t know about so he can kick you out of heaven. Think about it. Does that sound like God to you?