God’s Will Or Ours? Follow Up


Re: God’s Will Or Ours?  Exactly how does one go about submitting our will to God? I feel like I’ve done this through prayer, telling him I’m submitting my will to Him,  but nothing seems to happen, that I can tell. What should we expect when we do this? What am I missing?


Submitting our will to God is not something we can just declare, or agree to.  It has to be done by actions we take.  I started out by refusing to take any significant action until I was convinced the Lord wanted me to. I submitted everything to prayer and didn’t act until I got an answer.

It amazed me to see the ways he used to inform me of His decision.   After a relatively short period of time, I just “knew” when He wanted me to act and when He didn’t.

I also came to understand that He really wants to give us the things we ask for (Psalm 37:4, Matt. 7:11).  The biggest difference for me was that the way He went about giving them to me was always better than the way I would have gone about getting them on my own.