Gog-Magog Next Or Isaiah 17?


Several countries mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39 which make up the upcoming Gog-Magog invasion against Israel are not yet in position. Do you see any evidence of their alignment in the near future from current world events and news? Also, in your view, will Isaiah 17 take place before Gog-Magog?


The major nation that needs to switch sides is Turkey, (Beth Togarmah). Turkey is tied by several treaties to Israel, but there are signs that this may be changing. Turkey’s problems with the Kurds, on their border with Iraq, may be the catalyst. Iran has been offering Turkey help in solving this problem by suggesting a joint Iranian / Turkish attack against the Kurds. Iran’s troops are well inside Iraq in this regard, and Turkey has evidenced a troop build up along its border as well. So far this is being ignored by Iraqi leadership.

Isaiah 17 may well be a closer reality. Israel expects a flare up of the Lebanese war within 6 months and believes Syria will join in this time. As soon as the Lebanese Government falls in favor of a Hezbollah led coalition, which is imminent, Israel believes Iran, Syria, and Lebanon will break the UN cease fire and try to capture the Golan Heights. Look for the Gaza Strip to erupt at the same time.