Gracethrufaith After The Rapture?


I look forward every day to visiting your site. I also am excited to watch the signs appear that point to how soon the Rapture is coming. My question is, will this site still be around after we all are gone? I have made a file in my legal papers which I have printed out several of your articles to save for my unbelieving family members to find. I am wondering if they will be able to access this site too. I do hope so.


We haven’t made any plans for the site to continue after the rapture for a number of reasons. First, the Age of Grace will end with the rapture so post rapture life, even for believers, will be much different from the way it is today. Several of the subjects we focus on will no longer be relevant. In addition to the rapture, salvation by grace through faith alone and eternal security are two obvious ones.

Second, we don’t really know who we would trust to maintain our site since all believers will have left with us. And frankly, I don’t think the internet as we know it will last very long when the anti-Christ takes charge. I don’t think he will allow the kind of information Christian ministries post.

Third, I believe God will raise up new voices especially for those times the way He raised us and others up for these times.