Guns In The Bible


In light of the recent shootings, is there anything in the Bible that speaks to a Christian protecting themselves with guns or other weapon? I got a concealed weapon permit and sometimes carry a gun because I am a female and I frequently walk alone in the woods. My initial justification is to protect myself against mountain lions, coyotes, etc., but I would probably use it to stop an aggressive human, too. There’s even been talk about bringing concealed guns into church services in our town. What does the Bible say?


The only thing the Bible says about weapons is that in the Kingdom Age nations will no longer need them (Isaiah 2:4) The Lord knows better than to think that keeping weapons away from people will cause them to be more peaceful. He knows that violence is not the fault of a weapon, but of the person holding it, and that violent people will always find a way to get one. That’s why the Bible favors tough penalties for misusing weapons.

Romans 12:18-19 says that if it is possible, as far as it depends upon us, to live at peace with everyone, and to leave revenge to God. But I haven’t found anything that prevents self defense against deadly force.