Have Average Lifespans Changed?


I know the Bible says our expected lifespan is 70 years (and 80 if you’re healthy) but I have noticed lately that a lot of people are living well into their 90’s. So I am wondering do you think God, and Jesus have expanded a human’s life span from 80 years of age to 100? And that the 2nd coming of Jesus is 100 years, from the date of 1948 when Israel became a nation?


You’re referring to Psalm 90:10. In Amos 3:7 the Lord said He will do nothing without first revealing it to His servants the prophets. This includes changing man’s average lifespan. UN studies show that in 2010 the world wide average lifespan was 67.8. Japan was highest at 82. Israel was 9th at 80.7 and Americans were 40th at 78. African countries were lowest averaging in the mid to high 40’s.