Hearing God


There are times I hear the Lords voice very clearly and others when I don’t hear it at all. Many times I’ll hear his voice over something small, but when I’m in a crunch and really need his guidance I get nothing. Whats the secret? To be honest I find it to be frustrating. The bible says to draw near to God and he will draw near to you, what exactly does that mean? Is it tied into hearing from the Lord? I guess the bottom line is the Lord sent the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us.. So I want to be led and guided.


You probably don’t mean it this way but it sounds like you think the Lord is at fault and you wish He would be more consistent. The Holy Spirit is sealed within you to lead you and guide you. If that’s not happening it’s because you aren’t listening, not because He isn’t speaking.

James 4:8 says when you come near to Him He’ll come near to you. That means to make sure you’ve really implemented Romans 12:1-2. Have you offered Him your whole being as a living sacrifice, given Him your life to do with as He pleases, or are you still conforming to the pattern of this world and expecting Him to help you live life on your terms? Giving thought to these questions will lead you to the answer you’re seeking.